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Galvanized Water Lines & Pipes in Broward County, FL

The main water pipe that connects the water from the meter to your home is usually made form galvanized material which deteriorates from inside out. When your pipes start to deteriorate it can lead to high water bills as well as low water pressure in your home. If you are experiencing either of these issues, follow the steps below to test your water service for leaks
How can you test your water service for leaks?

1. Shut off your main shut off valve at your home. This causes the water between the two points to build pressure to insure accuracy.
2. Take a look at your water meter and make a mark at the arrow.
3. Check back in 15-30 minutes to see if your mark has moved. If no movement was detected then your water service is sealed and you have no water leak.
Deteriorated Pipe — Plumbing in Oakland Pard, FL
Most of the water piping used pre-1960s was galvanized steel which could mean your plumbing may be on its last legs. To test the water service in an older home start with running your hot water. The hot-water pipes are usually the first to go when it comes to galvanized pipes. If the water pressure is low your home most likely has galvanized pipes that have corroded. In other cases it is possible that only the bad pipes were replaced, leaving lots of old galvanized pipes still in the house and either in need or soon-to-be-in need of replacement. Our trained technicians will evaluate your home;s situation and determine the best course of action.

It's difficult to determine the entire plumbing situation, since most of the plumbing system lies behind the walls of your home. Often a good way to get an understand of what the situation might be is to look under the sinks. Plumbers will often run new pipes up through the floor under the sink instead of through the wall. If your house has a crawl space you can get a better picture of the plumbing status by crawling in and taking a look.

Copper Piping

Anytime copper piping has been attached to galvanized pipes, dielectric coupling is required to stop the corrosion caused by dissimilar metals touching. Unfortunately, these junctions may be hidden inside the walls. If a plumber did the replumbing, it certainly should be correct. If it was a do-it-yourself job, the homeowner may not have included the dielectric coupling.

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